US eDirect’s Camp Dynamics is an enterprise level management tool scalable to meet the needs of the largest multi-campground or multiple location operation

    Reservations are updated in real time regardless of whether the reservation takes place on the web, through the call center or on site. The simple to use interactive graphic interface makes your customers booking experience a snap and your reservation processing quick and easy.


  • Interactive map based reservation search
  • Multi-facility Matrix scheduler
  • Open site inventory as far in advance as desired
  • Visibly differentiate campsite types
  • Minimized sell time with fewer entry fields
  • Campsite and vehicle due out listing for easy check outs
  • Reservations integrated with POS application
  • User database integrated with Photo ID/loyalty cards for seamless POS operation
  • Interfaced to IVR and Web
  • All reservations can be identified as Web, IVR or manual entry.
  • Automatically calculate correct fee based on camper class, site, amenities,day of week
  • Unlimited classes (walk-in, Gold, Platinum etc.).
  • Automatically charge reservation fees if applicable
  • Process day passes or vehicle permits
  • Credit card payment verified within seconds
  • Centralized transactions run in real time from a central database