State of the art, integrated, modular, flexible and future-proof system

The Recreation Dynamics system includes all features and functions required by the busiest Parks, Campground and Golf organizations in the Country. Through an integrated modular approach, Recreation Dynamics allows you to maximize your budgets by utilizing only the modules you need while having the peace of mind that it already incorporates modules you may need later.

Lower cost of ownership

We provide a system with vastly improved functionality at a lower price than industry competitors. In addition, the cost of ownership is reduced by the intuitive, easy-to-use application interface for the various personnel operating the system. The Recreation Dynamics application is delivered in a platform that is conducive to retail environments, where the pace is fast and the turnover is high.  The use of a customized thin client, with strong business rules enforcement and the inclusion of touch screen capability allows for an intuitive user experience which significantly reduced training costs throughout your organization.

Flexible Delivery Model

While we offer an off the shelf product, our customers have requested and been delivered customized options that allow them to maximize their customer service and profits.  Being a small, technologically savvy company focused on this one industry allows us to be agile and responsive to address your needs while maintaining our strategic goals. Our architecture and product model is not a "take it or leave it" model or a highly custom built solution model as adopted by several other providers.  

System security and PCI compliance

Our application is PA-DSS validated and fully PCI compliant. It is not merely a self-certification of a website. Our application Payment Dynamics is listed as a certified payment application by the PCI organization. Whether you run credit cards online, over the phone or in person, the Recreation Dynamics application will process them securely and in line with all industry standards and best practices. More information…

Management commitment for successful implementation

Whether you are a single location municipality or a state-level campground, US eDirect’s management, project and support personnel are committed to implementing the Recreation Dynamics system quickly, efficiently, and with a high attention to detail. This ensures our customers migrate to the Recreation Dynamics system with low hassle, low risk, and high satisfaction.

Exemplary Service

We are a modest-sized, growing company with a sharp focus on our business and our customers. We do not have any unhappy customers. Our attention to service throughout the life of the contract ensures our customer’s needs are met, and their expectations exceeded.

Consolidated Financials

Our system will enable you to access accurate financial data on ALL transactions in real time. You can have a consolidated view of all your revenue associated with program and cost center in one location regardless of channel, rather than depend on consolidated financial views from accounting systems that take months to compile. Regardless of sales channel (web, IVR, call center, walk-in) or module (activity bookings, POS, facility reservations); the system integrates all financials to a consolidated reporting module.


US eDirect takes pride in its people. We have some of the best resources in this industry in our team and will draw from their expertise and skills to deliver a successful program to your organization. US eDirect has a robust and seasoned technical staff with several people capable of supporting each of the functions listed above. US eDirect will provide an experienced and seasoned team for your project. Our team structure, roles and responsibilities and the management processes have been proven to deliver projects on time and within budget.