Recreation Dynamics is a software solution designed to meet and exceed the needs of the largest municipal parks departments in the nation. Through an integrated modular approach, Recreation Dynamics will allow users to tie all of their operations together- facility bookings, activities, customer relationship managements and more, all through one system.

    Registration Management (Activity Dynamics)

    The Activity Dynamics Class and Events module enables administrators to manage a wide variety of activities from a centralized location. The system is designed for enterprise use, and events can be scheduled across various facilities regardless of location. Activity groupings allow for various types of events to be scheduled with the time and date of the event, instructor and facility association.

    Customers can register for events onsite, at a central administration office, or through a web interface. Each registration has a unique number that ties it directly to a customer, service, or product and all financial transactions are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System point of sale. From an internal control perspective, each individual transaction can be independently viewed and traced from Microsoft’s Retail Management System Headquarters module.


    Facility Management (Facility Dynamics)

    Facility Dynamics is a user friendly, interactive map and grid based reservation system that is designed for enterprise use. Customers can apply for permits or reserve shelters at any facility within the parks department from one application. Designed with ease of use in mind, the system can process complicated reservations across multiple locations, dates and times, with the click of a button. Web based, phone and onsite bookings allow for access to real time facility availability information, ensuring customer satisfaction through multi-channelled booking capabilities.


    Membership Management (Customer Dynamics)

    Realizing the importance that you get the word out about your recreation facilities or programs based on the special interests of your customers, the client portion of Recreation Dynamics has been developed to enables you to easily identify any demographic you wish to target – youth, adult, families with children, senior citizens, groups and others. You can deliver customer-specific marketing to any audience. Plus with the click of a mouse or tap of a keyboard, you can track every aspect of customer visitation or participation, individually or by market segment. This allows you to build an informative marketing database with demographic information that guarantees the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. Streamlined to 4 steps Customer Dynamics Photo ID is a cost effective and timesaving tool for municipal and private use. Customer Dynamics Photo ID integrated to an automated reservation system will capture valuable customer demographics and could provide a recurrent source of revenue to your organization.

    User Tracking and Marketing

Registration Management

  • Streamline the signup process
  • Create classes, events, programs, drop ins and leagues
  • Integrated online signup
  • Interactive Roster with barcoded attendance
  • Create and manage activities from any location
  • Extensive search and filter capabilities
  • Wait List system
  • Track attendance- print and store signup reports and rosters
  • Attain customer registration records with ease
  • Marketing- easily compile email lists to promote new activities

Facility Management

  • Manage facility schedules campgrounds, for shelters, athletic fields, gyms, auditoriums, arena’s etc.
  • Schedule facilities directly from interactive facility maps
  • Track individual or recurring reservations
  • Use multi-facility MATRIX scheduler
  • Easy display of schedules
  • Check availability of facilities
  • Set minimum and maximum booking requirements.
  • Create waitlist
  • Track all fees and deposits
  • Track facility attendance and usage statistics
  • Create and display unlimited facility amenities and fees
  • Reserve facilities per day, per hour, per night, and more
  • Easily move or cancel reservation
  • Automatically generate contracts, waiver, agreements
  • Easily customize extra fees
  • Establish different rates for different types of customers
  • Easily capture custom data on your reservations
  • Add alerts to your facilities
  • Define rules-based cancellation and modification fees
  • Define tender rules per facility type
  • Restrict user access based on security level

Customer Management

  • Supports multiple facilities
  • Create automated access points
  • Interfaces with facility scheduling application
  • Easily track customer transaction history
  • Create custom reports on customer activity
  • Track customer demographics for marketing purposes
  • Unlimited membership types
  • Create photo ID cards in 5 easy steps